Kindred spirits


    Truly beyond bones and stones, is a WordPress site that strives to spread knowledge and awareness of anthropology. You can find all the latest updates about biological anthropology here, too.
  2. Bone Broke
    This blog by Jess Beck focuses on archaeology, osteology and biological anthropology. She presents these topics with a casual and fun, but intelligent tone that makes something that could be boring easy and interesting to read.
  3. Bones Don’t Lie
    Another easy-to-read blog, Katy Emery likes to tackles issues from every angle, giving a well-rounded view.
  4. Busting Myths About Human Nature
    As the title suggests, Dr. Fuentes likes to clear up misconceptions and uses anthropology in a way that relates to our everyday lives.
  5. Forensic Anna:thropology
    Dr. Anna Williams is a forensic anthropologist who poses excellent questions about ethics, methods and more, focusing on debates within the field.
  6. Kevishire
    Patrick Clarkin blogs about anthropology in a very deep, philosophical way. He’s good at making arguments, explaining what it means to be human and making short, meaningful posts.
  7. Powered by Osteons
    This is Forbes contributor Kristina Killgroves personal blog about anthropology. She’s a bit more clinical in tone than I would like at times, but her reviews of ‘Bones’ and her use of photos is worth a look.
  8. The Pleistocene Scene
    This academic blog is useful for finding your way to further reading and resources.
  9. These Bones of Mine
    These Bones of Mine is very focused on osteology and also often directs you to further academic reading to understand the facts of each topic.
  10. What Makes Us Human
    Dr. Joyce’s blog on Psychology Today aims to explain “What Makes Us Human.” She often focuses on the ritual aspects of human life.

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